Basic Features of this Database
Our borelog database contains thousands of records having some basic as well has advanced measurements. Records are stored region-wise. Each record is associated with an unique id. Most basic data fields of each record are:
  • Geographic Location
    • Geo Code
    • Division
    • District
    • Upazilla
    • Paurashava
    • Union
    • Mouza
    • Ward No.
    • Village
    • Owner
  • Geographic Coordinates
    • Longitude
    • Latitude
  • General Information
    • Data Source
    • Year of Installation
    • Total Depth Drilled (m)
    • Depth of Screen Centre (m)
  • Water Quality Data
    • Sampling Date
    • Arsenic (mg/l)
    • Iron (mg/l)
    • Chloride (mg/l)
    • Manganeese (mg/l)
  • Well Fixtures
    • BH Dia (mm)
    • Well Dia (mm)
    • GI Pipe (m)
    • PVC Pipe (m)
    • Screen Length (m)
    • Sand Trap (m)

In addition, we also store lithologic log for each borehole. A sample lithologic log can be shown as:

Database is completely searchable. Log records are stored according to a unique id. So, log reports can be easily filtered searching by Region, Map or even specific Geocode.