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Integrated Waste Management

Integrated Waste Management (IWM) involves a comprehensive approach to managing both solid waste and faecal sludge within a single treatment facility. Municipalities in Bangladesh typically deal with two main types of waste: solid waste and faecalsludge.By utilizing an integrated approach, these two types of waste can be efficiently managed collectively. For the treatment of faecal sludge, a gravitational treatment stream is utilized with Planted Drying Beds to separate the solid part from the liquid portion. The liquid part of wastewater then undergoes further treatment through an Integrated Settler, Anaerobic Filter, Constructed Wetland, and Polishing Pond to meet the national standard (Bangladesh Environmental Conservation Rules 2023). Meanwhile, the dry sludge is combined with municipal organic waste and undergoes controlled hot air drying (>45°C) followed by post-maturation processing to ensure pathogen-free co-compost. Additionally, the inorganic component goes through Plasma Gasification utilizing a controlled gasification process that transforms combustible waste into gaseous constituents which are then cleaned using Cooling, Scrubbing, and Cyclone Separator methods before generating clean gases like CO2 and H2 for safe release into the atmosphere.

Following is the flow diagram of Integrated Waste Management (IWM):

For detail process and video documentation, please visit: https://www.cwisfsmsupportcell.org/iwmdetails